Classic Ready Room

1013 27 Classic Ready Room

Clinton Classic Exam Room  

    • 1013-27 Exam table  72"L x 27"W x 31"H 
    • Adjustable Backrest and Paper Dispenser  
    • 8348 Wall Cabinets 48"L x 12"D x 24"H 
    • 8648-022 Base Cabinets 48"L x 18"D x 35"H
    • Stainless steel sink and chrome faucet included   
    • 48P Postform Countertop Top in your choice of color  
    • 9810 Large, Tec-Cart 20"L x 20.5"D x 28.5 - 39"H 
    • GS-3020 Double, Stainless Steel, Glove Box Holder 
    • C-40B Premium, Padded, Side Chair 

Due to the outstanding value of this offer no model or special upholstery changes can be allowed.

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Clinton Classic Ready Room. This package deal features our best casework, classic wood treatment table and the latest in accessories to make any exam room ready—all at one-stop-shop convenience and a package price.

Completely Furnished Classic Exam Room

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Laminate for Exam Table
Laminate for Exam Table
Upholstery for Table & Chairs
Upholstery for Table & Chairs
Cabinet Laminate
Cabinet Laminate
Countertop Color
Countertop Color

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