Ultra Rail System

qru 1w Ultra Rail System2

Mounting Rail For Ultra Bins 

    • Mount to any suitable surface
    • 48" long
    • Steel Rail
    • 125 lb. capacity
    • Accepts 13 sizes of Ultra bins
    • Hold up to 11 bins per rail


Ultra bins that fit:

QUS200, QUS210, QUS220, QUS221, QUS224,
QUS230, QUS234, QUS235, QUS239,
QUS240, QUS241, QUS242, QUS245,
Note: Bins Sold Separately.

Ultra Rail System is able to mount on any suitable surface including walls, benches, inside service trucks, cabinets and other suitable surfaces.

Ultra Rail System

Size L X W
Price Each Qty.
48" Rail system
48" x 3"