8890 Ready Room

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Family Practice Ready Room 

    • 8890 Exam Table 
    • 8248 Wall Cabinets  
    • 8048-022 Base Cabinets with Sink on Left or Right  
    • 21335 Exam Stool 
    • GS-3000 Single, Stainless Steel, Glove Box Holder 
    • TR-32S 32-Quart, Large Round, Stainless Steel Waste Receptacle
    • C-40B Premium, Padded, Side Chair 

Due to the outstanding value of this offer no model or color substitutions can be allowed.


A complete office, well equipped and ready for patients. Clinton’s 8890 Family Practice Ready Room package offers big advantages in function at a much smaller price point than other manufacturers.

Complete Patient Exam Room

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Ready Room

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