Lozier Wide Span Capacity Chart

Please refer to this capacity chart to determine how many shelf supports and what size beams you need. Common safety factors are listed below. Please call if you have any questions. When you have found the capacity you need please return to this page to order!

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Pallet Loaded Widespan Considerations:


Forklifts must not be used.

Only hand loader/stacker can be safely used.

Order “RE” Reinforced Upright Frames when using hand loader/stacker.

Shelf supports are required for all application to stabilize beam. If not used, then Beam Locking Clip is required.

Aisle side Upright posts must be anchored to floor.

Total weight of palletized goods MUST NOT exceed 1/2 of uniformly distributed Beam capacity.

Allow at least 3" clearance between pallet & Upright Frame, at least 4" clearance between pallets.

Pallets should overhang both Beams by at least 2", otherwise Particleboard or Wiregrid Shelves must be used.


Widespan Size Information:

Clear opening between posts:

Nominal shelf width plus 1/2″

Overall length: (Nominal section width + 1/2" ) times the number of sections, + 1 3/4″ for each post in the run.

Overall Depth: 2 1/4" greater than the nominal depth of the unit.


Vertical clearance between shelves:

Regular Duty Beam: 3 1/4″less than the center-to-center shelf spacing.

Heavy Duty Beam: 4 3/4″less than the center-to-center shelf spacing.

Shelves adjustable 2" on center.



Bracing: Beams provide side-to-side bracing.

Minimum of (2) tiers of shelves needed to brace each unit with the first tier no more that 48″ above floor.

No cross bracing required.

Welded Uprite Frame.