Outdoor Rectangle Acrylic Safety Mirrors

Outdoor Rectangle Acrylic Mirrors

Strong Acrylic Wide Angle Safety Mirror

  • Rectangular convex mirror with two rounded sides reflects a wide angle image at a diminished size to help extend a field of view 
  • See around obstacles for safety, or monitor a wide area for efficient surveillance 
  • Acrylic is shatter resistant, weighs less than glass, and reflects a clear, bright image 
  • ABS plastic backing for resistance to impact and wear, with vinyl-coated aluminum edge for weather resistance in outdoor applications 
  • Comes with mounting hardware that makes the mirror angle adjustable after installation 


Safety mirrors are used to help increase visibility in a variety of locations; for example, in hallway intersections and sharp turns, and in driveways and loading docks where drivers have to back up or enter traffic. Security mirrors, and they can be used to extend the view of security personnel, or to help monitor factory workers and automated processes to improve quality control and productivity.

Outdoor Rectangle (Curved Ends) - Acrylic Mirrors

Distance Covered
Price Each Qty.
12" x 18"
Up To 15'
15" x 24"
Up To 20'
20" x 30"
Up To 25'
24" x 36"
Up To 35'