Security Mirror Half Dome

Half Dome Security Mirror

The Dome 180 for 3 way intersections

    • Dome mirrors are easy to install
    • Does the work of two standard mirrors 
    • Panoramic views 
    • Great for accident prevention in warehouses and hallways 
    • The wide angle vision permits you to see around blind corners 
    • Great optics - designed to prevent distortion 

The Dome 180 is half of our Dome 360. Ideal for the 3 way intersections. For indoor use only. Comes complete with hanging screws. Dome mirrors provide collision prevention and surveillance in hospitals, clinics, and rest homes as well as industrial warehouses, retail and commercial facilities. One large dome mirror does the work of at least two conventional mirrors.

Half Dome Security Mirrors

Distance Covered
Price Each Qty.
1/2-18" dia
Areas to 150 sq. ft
1/2-26" dia
Areas to 200 sq. ft
1/2-32" dia
Areas to 225 sq. ft
1/2-36" dia
Areas to 250 sq. ft
1/2-48" dia
Areas to 400 sq. ft