Closed Stand-In Table

6125 Economy Stand In Table 6100 Hydraulic Adjustable Table

Laminate enclosure with padded knee rest

Choose Between 2 Models-

Economy Stand-In Table:

• Height of standing platform can be adjusted in 10” vertical range
• Standing platform has anti-slip treads
• Laminate top is 30” x 30” with 15” wide x 12” deep cutout
• Inside space in table is 16”W x 14”D
• Door has heavy duty hinges and positive latch to secure patient safety in table
• Folkstone Gray laminate
• Supports up to 250lbs
Hydraulic Adjustable Stand-In Table:
• Front-mounted hand activated hydraulic lift adjusts height from 41” to 58”
• 41” x 31” White Leather high pressure laminate top with 19 ½”x 17” patient cutout
• Non-slip ramp with parallel bars for lift assist
• Padded back and knee support holds patient in standing position
• Sliding pocket door closes to secure patient
• Natural Oak laminate enclosure and base
• Supports up to 350lbs.

Closed Stand-In Tables are designed to promote vertical weight bearing activities. Built with an enclosure that surrounds the waist and legs, clients will gain a sense of privacy and security while continuing therapy.

Economy Stand-In Table

Price Each Qty.
30"L X 30"D X 45"H

Hydraulic Adjustable Stand-In Table

Price Each Qty.
41"L X 31"D X 41-58"H