Med Carts

We offer a complete line of mobile transport solutions for the hospital, healthcare and education markets from Waterloo Health Care, Phoenix, Lakeside, Preciso, and our newest line TrippNT! Our healthcare carts come in a variety of drawer and compartment configurations to fit most any storage situation. Choose from Emergency carts, Treatment carts, Isolation carts, Anesthesia and Med carts. For ordering information or to request a quote please choose an item below or click a link to the left.

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Preciso Medication Cart

 Carts interface perfectly with Preciso Logistic Supply Carts. Exchange empty drawers, bins and trays with full ones from Logistic Supply Carts.

Preciso Medication Supply Cart

Preciso Logistics Supply Cart

 Reduce the number of back-and-forth trips to the pharmacy with these transfer & exchange carts. These carts integrate with our Preciso medication carts.

Preciso Pharmacy Transfer Carts

Core Dx Cart in Colors

Core DX Polyethylene Medical Cart by TrippNT
This colorful cart offers the same features as the White Core DX model but with 10 drawer color options. Which color will brighten your day?

CORE DX Deluxe White Polyethylene Medical Cart by TrippNT

Mobile Equipment Cart

Sturdy. Mobile. Durable. Utility carts are a necessity around the office and clinic. Brewer offers reliable, durable solutions that will meet your needs..

Brewer Mobile Equipment Cart

30 Bin Compact Cassette Cart

Cassette dispensing offers exceptional flexibility for patients in maximum bed environments. Cassette drawers slide out for easy loading in the pharmacy.

Classic Emergency Cart

Classic Emergency Crash Carts from
Our crash carts feature 5 lock options and your choice of 4, 5, or 6 drawer models. The 5" casters allow you to move from tile to carpeted floors with ease. 

Classic Emergency Crash Carts from

MEDTRX Patient Cassette Cart

MEDTRX Patient Cassette Cart Systems
Waterloo Healthcare medication carts offer quality, security, and flexibility. Available with key locks or push button simplex locks and a wide variety of drawer configurations.

Treatment Carts

Waterloo Healthcare Treatment Carts
Our 3, 3, 5, and 6, drawer treatment carts come in 16 colors and with drawer configuration to fit your exacting specifications.

Phlebotomy / Specimen Cart

Our Phlebotomy / Specimen Collection carts are available in Short (4 drawer) or Tall (5 drawer) models with clear plastic tip out bins for plenty of storage.

Unit Dose Cassette Cart

This medication cart has 20 patient bins and 3 lockable drawers. Perfect for long term care facilities on a budget.

Lakeside Unit Dose Cassette Cart

Emergency Crash Cart ER2000

Emergency Crash Cart ER2000
Emergency Crash Cart ER2000 is a state-of-the-art cart design that is attractive yet functional. Press the bright yellow “open” button and the doors spring open. Truly the coolest ER cart ever!

40 Bin Compact Medication Cart

40 Bin Compact Cassette Medication Cart
Space-efficient footprint fits into tight locations. Features a smooth, easy to clean work surface top and a slide out shelf. Clean, contemporary healthcare appearance.

Short and Slim Economy Carts

Short and Slim Economy Carts
On a budget? This cart is for you! Our short and slim economy carts come in 3, 4, or 5 drawer models. This cart will accept many of our accessories but at this price you have to drill your own holes!

Pill Card Medication Cart

Pill Card Medication Cart
Phoenix Long Term Care has designed their carts to be easily reconfigured or refurbished for years of service. With pill card capacities of 450, 600, 750, and 900 you are sure to find one that fits your needs.

Emergency Crash Carts

Crash Carts
Waterloo Healthcare emergency carts include the patented U-DivideTM Divider System in every drawer! Choose from 3, 4, 5, or 6 drawer models.

Bedside Slim Carts

Bedside Slim Carts
Our slim bedside carts fit into tight places and a perfect for long term care or assisted living facilities come in 3, 4, 5, and 6, drawers and 16 colors!

Punch Card Med Cart

Punch card dispensing carts allow maximum flexibility for 30 days of medication and patient supplies. This cart has plenty of room for maintenance medications and supplies.

Punch Card Med Cart

This punch card medication cart has it all! Configured with one 3" Drawer, three 9" Drawers and a Locking Narcotic Box. Convenient side cabinet is included!

Isolation Cart

Our isolation carts come in sizes and drawer configurations to fit every need. The bright yellow drawers alert staff and patients that there is a risk of infection in the room.

Core Dx Cart in White

TrippNT's Core DX offers an efficient way to sort, store, organize, lock, and transport supplies. Weighing in at only 58 lbs this cart is sure to be a staff favorite.

CORE DX Deluxe White Polyethylene Medical Cart by TrippNT

Anesthesia Carts

Our anesthesia carts come in 3, 4, 5, and 6 drawer models and are available in 16 color combinations to fit any decor. Click through to see common drawer configurations or let us design your perfect cart!

Pediatric Emergency Cart

Pediatric Emergency Cart
Our Pediatric Emergency Cart is a lightweight 9 drawer color coded cart.

Treatment / Procedure Cart 5 Drawer

Our treatment / procedure cart is 13.25" X 24.5" X 29 " and has three 2.75 " drawers and two 6 " drawers. Comes in Beige only.

Treatment / Procedure Cart 3 Drawer

Our treatment / procedure cart is 13.25" X 22.5" X 29 " and has three 2.75 " drawers and a 13" opening. Comes in Beige only.