Lozier Extension Upright

printable version Lozier Extension Upright
  • • Economical
  • • Easy to install
  • • Heights from 6" to 48"
  • • Connector to fit Lozier Uprites
  • Unbalanced load capacity of 2,500 in-lbs This load capacity is considerably less than the capacity of a standard Uprite. Do not exceed this unbalanced load. Overloading could cause the Uprite to tip over or collapse, resulting in personal injury or property damage.

Add display space without the expense of new fixtures. Our extension uprights feature a factory installed connector to fit Lozier Uprights.

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Product No. Description Price Per Carton Qty.
U06E Upright Extension 6"
U12E Upright Extension 12"
U18E Upright Extension 18"
U24E Upright Extension 24"
U30E Upright Extension 30"
U36E Upright Extension 36"
U42E Upright Extension 42"
U48E Upright Extension 48"