Vinyl Dumbbells

printable version Vinyl Dumbbells
  • • Available individually or in sets!
  • • Weight embossed on each end
  • • Weight ranging from 1-10lbs.

    Minimum order may apply.

Vinyl Dumbbells are a necessity for any rehab or therapy clinic. Pick from 3 sets or individually!

Individual Vinyl Dumbbells

Product No. Description Price EachQty.
5510-V 1lb- Pink   $6.75
5511-V 2lb- Aqua   $8.90
5512-V 3lb- Plum   $11.10
5513-V 4lb- Grape   $13.25
5514-V 5lb- Teal Green   $15.60
5515-V 6lb- Burnt Orange   $17.80
5516-V 7lb- Bluish Green   $20.10
5517-V 8lb- Burgundy   $22.25
5518-V 9lb- Blue   $24.40
5519-V 10lb- Ebony Black   $26.60

Vinyl Dumbbell Sets

Product No. Description Price EachQty.
5502 Set of (6) Vinyl Dumbbells (1-3lbs)   $51.00
5503 Set of (5) Vinyl Dumbbells (1-5lbs)   $54.00
5505 Set of (10) Vinyl Dumbbells (1-10lbs)   $159.00

Economy Wall Dumbbell Rack

Product No. Description Price EachQty.
5555 Black metal wire rack, attaches to any wall, (10) graduated hooks, holds 1-10lb vinyl dumbbells   $118.00
5555-100 Same as 5555, also includes Set of (10) Dumbbells   $240.00