"Pete's Pickup" Pediatric Table

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  • • Built-in toddler car seat with dual steering wheels
  • • 2 fixed wheels and black cabinet base trim
  • • 1 blue laminate drawer on nylon rollers and 2 blue laminate doors
  • • Blue Urethane padded upholstered top
  • • Features adjustable leg rest and paper dispenser and cutter
  • • Supports up to 180lbs.
  • Green-Line wood has no Urea-formaldehyde and is PVC-Free for safer indoor air quality.

"Pete's Pickup" Pediatric Table is an appealing alternative to the traditional treatment table. Pediatric clients will be more relaxed while they lay on this fun table. Complete with drawers to fulfill storage needs.

Model 4975 "Pete's Pickup" Pediatric Table

Product No. Description Price EachQty.
4975 60"-78" X 24" X 34" Price Each $1761.00