Safco Lab Stools

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  • • 3430BL - Vinyl High Base with Back
  • • 3431BL - Vinyl High Base
  • • 3432BL - Vinyl/Fabric Screw Lift Low Base
  • • 3433BL - Vinyl/Fabric Screw Lift High Base

    • Comfortable, generously cushioned antimicrobial seats
  • • Easy-to-clean and easy maintenance

When you work within a healing environment, you know about the importance of antimicrobial. The protection of the employees who aim to keep visitors healthy and spaces spotless is a real concern.

Product No. Description Qty.
3430BL High Base W/ Back  $266.24
3431BL High Base  $197.76
3432BL Screw Lift Low Base  $197.76
3433BL Screw Lift High Base  $197.76