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We specialize in rehabilitation, sports therapy, and occupational therapy equipment and supplies for schools, long term care facilities and rehab centers. We offer staircases, ambulation, exercise, and balance training equipment and supplies. The items below are a few of our most popular products. If you need something that is not listed please give us a call or hit the "Contact Us" button above.

If you would like to request a quote, simply add the items you would like quoted to your shopping cart. You will be given the option to request a quote during the checkout process. If you choose a product with an option that requires us to know the placement of the option just add the option to your cart and we will call you for placement instructions. To open a .PDF catalog of our Hausmann line click here PROTEAM Catalog.

Work Well Conditioning System

Hausmann Work-Well Conditioning Systems
The Work-Well Systems are designed for assessment, functional capacity evaluation and work simulation. Start with our start up package and add items as your practice grows.
Hausmann Work-Well Conditioning Systems

Rehab Staircases

Hausmann Rehab Staircases
Our rehab staircases are built for easy use. Handrails are ergonomically designed for comfortable grip and stairs are finished with "anti-slip" safety tread to prevent slips.
Hausmann Rehab Staircases

Hausmann Parallel Bars

HAUSMANN Parallel Bars 1390, 1391, 1392
The HAUSMANN Parallel Bars fit all your rehab needs! With manual and hand crank options to adjust the bars, these bars can accommodate any client.
HAUSMANN Parallel Bars rx shelving

Dumbbell Wagon

Hausmann The Dumbbell Wagon 5576, 5576-100
The Dumbbell Wagon makes up to (20) dumbbells and accessories readily available. Lower shelf can hold any accessories, weights, or bands.
Hausmann The Dumbbell Wagon 5576, 5576-100

Economy Parallel Bars

Hausmann Economy Parallel Bars  S-320

  The Economy Parallel Bars are adjustable for both height and weight. These parallel bars are perfect for therapy and rehab sessions!

Hausmann Economy Parallel Bars

Mobile Therapy Station

Hausmann Mobile Therapy Station 5556
The Hausmann Treatment Module offers storage for all supplies needed during treatment. Includes 1 full width drawer, and upper and lower shelving.
Hausmann Mobile Therapy Station

Multi-Purpose Combination Rack

Hausmann Multi-Purpose Combination Rack  5560, 5560-100
The Multi-Purpose Combination Rack offers optimum storage for rehabilitation equipment in order to keep treatment area clutter-free.
Hausmann Multi-Purpose Combination Rack

Thera-Wall Storage System

Hausmann Thera-Wall Therapy Storage System

The Thera-Wall™ Therapy Storage System Models can be mix and matched to maximize all storage needs. Supports up to 250lbs.
Thera-Wall Therapy Storage System, Multi-Purpose Combination Rack

Multi-Purpose Weight Rack

Hausman Mullti-Purpose Weight Rack 5569, 5569-100
The Multi-Purpose Weight / Storage Rack helps keep treatment areas clutter-free to maximize treatment. Equipped with two-door storage cabinet with lock to secure valuable items.
Hausman Mullti-Purpose Weight Rack 5569, 5569-100

Soft-Ball Weights

HausmanSoft-Ball Weights  5545
Each 5" ball can be gripped with one hand. PVC exterior, anti-slip, color coded, inflatable with sealed weight pellets. Each set consists of: (1) each 1.1 lbs., 2.2 lbs., 3.3 lbs., 4.4 lbs., 5.5 lbs., and 6.6 lbs.
Hausman Soft-Ball Weights

Exercise Weight Bars

Hausman Exercise Weight Bars
Exercise Weight Bars are easy to handle which makes them ideal for geriatric and nursing home use. Ranging from 1-5lbs, these bars are sold in sets of 3 or 5.
Hausman Exercise Weight Bar Sets

Vinyl Dumbbells

Hausman Vinyl Dumbbells  5502
Vinyl Dumbbells are a necessity for any rehab or therapy clinic.
Hausman Vinyl Dumbbells

Pulley Weights

Hausman Pulley Weights 2626
Pulley Weight Systems are a superb rehabilitation and exercise device for both wheelchair and ambulatory patients.
Hausman Pulley Weights 2626

Hugger Weight Rack

Hausman Hugger Weight Rack  5570, 5570-100

The Weighted Rack allows for optimal use of Hugger® Weights while keep the treatment area clutter-free. Available with or without the Set of (16) Hugger® Weights.
Hausman Hugger Weight Rack

REP Bands

Hausman REP Bands™ 5531

REP Bands™ are clinically tested allergen-free and a safer alternative to traditional "Therabands". Supplied in a set of all (5) resistance levels, they are all you need for resistance therapy.
Hausman REP Bands™