Lozier Undercounter Pharmacy Cabinets

The Lozier Undercounter System offers a wide variety of units that can be adapted to fit your individual needs. Choose from narcotics units, vial drawer units, bottle dispensers, open or closed storage units, and more.

All cabinets measure 24" X 24" X 38" with the exception of the refuse cabinet which also comes in 12" wide. Cabinets are welded steel construction built for years of use. Lozier cabinets have a white body with a 3" high, recessed charcoal black base. Counter tops are also available; please call for help in choosing the counter top that is right for you.

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Bottle Dispenser Cabinet

Self-feeding slanted shelf drawers keep bottles and supplies within reach.

All Lozier Pharmacy Cabinets

Lozier Undercounter Cabinets, Lozier Under Counter Cabinets
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Computer Cabinet

Features a perforated hinged door for ventilation. Internal shelf is on glides for easy loading and unloading.

Five Drawer Unit

Five 7" drawers for holding prescription record folders and supplies. Optional card followers are sold separately.

Open Storage Unit

Great for storing items that you need kept in close reach. Place one next to your checkout area for storing shopping bags and supplies.

Narcotics Cabinet

Keep your narcotics inventory safe and secure. Many states require narcotics to be stored in a locked cabinet.

Sink Unit

Features a 7" deep 14" X 16" basin and a gooseneck faucet. Plumbing is hidden behind a right hand hinged door.

Prescription File Unit

Holds family prescription files in four equal drawers. Optional card followers maintain three rows 6.5" wide per drawer.

Printer Unit

Large opening printer cabinet features heavy duty drawer glides to support the weight of larger printers

Vial Drawer Cabinet

Two large capacity flat-bottom tapered drawers with 10" clear space above allows access to large vials without pulling the drawer.

Refuse Unit

Keeps trash hidden from view. Place them at your checkout and at every work station to keep your pharmacy neat and tidy.

Suspended Drawer

Single drawer mounts to the underside of the work counter for miscellaneous storage.

Rx Countertop

Pharmacy countertop, pharmacy counter

Our Rx countertop comes in 24" and 30" deep. White Leather laminate is standard. This pharmacy countertop has a 3" backslash and installs easily.

Closed Storage Unit

Stored items are concealed by a right hand hinged door. Convenient drawer above the door for storing small items.