Lozier Pharmacy Shelving & Accessories

The Lozier Classic Rx and Flex Rx pharmacy easily adapt to meet your ever changing needs. The Classic Rx  shelving units feature a two piece modular design with closed backs and sides. The Flex Rx shelving systems features an open design with trays that can install flat or at a 17° downward slant.

We are always happy to help with layout and design. Just provide us with a rough sketch of your location including room dimensions and locations of doors and windows as well as any obstructions (columns, etc.). We will create a suggested layout drawn to scale and send it back with a quote. You can fax your sketch to 314-534-0583 or email them to patti@rxshelving.com.


Classic Rx Shelving

Classic Rx Shelving
Six shelves adjustable on 1.5" centers
Fixed top, center, and bottom shelves
Total of 9 storage levels
7.5" Deep shelves
Shelf length 15", 24", 30", 36", and 48"
Two piece modular design

Flex Rx Shelving

Lozier Flex Rx Shelving.

1" Slot spacing
7.25" Deep shelves
Shelf length 16", 32", 36", or 48"
Shelves install flat or 17° downslant
Full lip for repositioning stocked shelves
Open back system for better visibility

Prescription Hang Bags

Monaco Hangups, Prescription Hang Bags, Will Call Bags

Hangups by Monaco cut your retrieval time by 25% on average. Improves customer service and helps eliminate errors.

Classic Rx Wall Mount Shelving

Class Rx Wall Mount Shelving
Mounts directly to the building wall above your work counter to keep commonly used items within reach.

Will Call Bag Hang Rods

Lozier Will Call Hang Rods
For use in Lozier upright posts with Monaco Hangup bags..