Lozier Replacement Parts

Ordering the component parts that you need has never been easier! Just match the part that you need to the pictures below and click to order! Please remember that Lozier component parts only work on genuine Lozier products. Please make sure that your fixtures are Lozier before placing your order as these items can not generally be returned We also offer parts for Madix, Kent, Streater, LA Darling, and others. Please call with your requirements. If you would like to request a quote just add the items that you want quoted to your shopping cart. You will be given the opportunity to request a quote on the checkout page.

Pegboard Back Panels

Our back panels are sized to fit Lozier products only. These items are made to order and cannot be cancelled or returned. Back panels ship via truck only and will not ship via any small package carrier.

Laminate Slotwall Backs

Laminated slotwall backs can be purchased with or without inserts and are available in many color / pattern options. Choose inserts to add strength and style!

Painted Slotwall Backs

Slotwall or slatwall back panels add an upscale look to your store fixtures. Our painted slotwall backs come in colors to match our Lozier fixtures.

Upright Post

Use for Wall & Island Sections. Steel welded construction. 3/16" thick face channel

Upright End Trim

These upright and extension upright end trim snap on to the first and last upright in the row. Can be used on both sides of the upright were backs are not used.

Upright Extensions

Add display space without the expense of new fixtures. Our extension uprights feature a factory installed connector to fit Lozier Uprights.

Wall Mount Upright

Use wall mount uprights anywhere that standard shelving is not an option. Want shelves above a counter or workspace? Wall mount uprights and standard TL shelves are the answer!

Base Bracket

Installs straight in with spring latch. Includes Leveling Legs for uneven flooring. 2" conduit hole for electrical access

Load Easer Base Bracket

For heavier loads place a "Load Easer" base bracket between your standard base brackets to ease the load. 2" conduit hole for electrical access

Base End Trim

Base end trims measure 3" less than the deck depth. Order the size that matches your deck depth.

Closed Base Front

Closed base fronts give a finished appearance to the base and prevent dirt and debris from accumulating under fixtures.

Top Rail

Top rails fit at the top of Lozier fixtures and come in 2', 30", 3' and 4' lengths.

Center Rail

Lozier center rails come in randomly painted colors and are used to help position the pegboard backs.

Splicer Rail

Use slpicer rails to hide the seam on two piece back panels.

Bottom Rail

Lozier bottom rails support the pegboard back panels on the fixtures.

Slotwall Center Rail

Like the standard center rails, slotwall center rails come in randomly painted colors. Slotwall center rails are narrower than standard center rails to accommodate the thicker slotwall panels.

Half Splicer Rail

Use half splicer rails on wall sections with only one back panel.

Slotwall Bottom Rail

Heavy duty bottom rails are needed to support the heavier slotwall back panels.

Wall Mount Bracket

Extension uprights require one bracket for uprights up to 36"; two for extensions over 36".

Upright Anchor Plate

Secures upright leveling leg to floor. 3/8" anchor holes

Base Bracket Anchor Plate

Secures base bracket leveling leg to floor. 3/8" anchor holes

Gap Filler

Steel Gap Filler. Works with 06 or Low Base. Charcoal Black

Top Cap

Standard caps are included on uprights 36" to 66" high. Threaded top caps come in Zinc finish only.

Base Deck

Our base decks fit all standard Lozier wall and island shelving. Capacity is 600# on 13" - 19" and 800# on 22" - 31" decks.