Lozier Color Chart

Below are samples of the many colors that Lozier offers. Please note that these samples are electronic representations and may vary from actual colors. Melamine and Laminates are reasonable color matches to painted finishes.

Lozier Standard Color

Lozier Platinum PLT Paint LAX Laminate MA1 Melamine


Platinum: PLT
Laminate: LAX
Melamine: MA1

Standard Finish for Fixtures


Tier 1 Paint Finishes

Lozier White WHT Paint L1J Laminate MA5 Melamine
Lozier Silver Gray SIL Paint LX6 Laminate MB5 Melamine
Lozier Gray GRY Paint LB3 Laminate MB4 Melamine

White: WHT
Laminate: L1J
Melamine: MA5
Standard Finish for Pharmacy

Silver Gray: SIL
Laminate: LX6
Melamine: MB5
Gray: GRY
Laminate: LB3

Melamine: MB4

Lozier Cool White W08 Paint LX4 Laminate
Lozier Charcoal Black CHR Paint LB8 Laminate MB6 Melamine


Cool White: W08
Laminate: LX4


Charcoal Black: CHR
Laminate: LB8
Melamine: MB6
Standard Finish for Bases



Tier 2 Paint Finishes

Lozier Oyster A65 Paint LXN Laminate Lozier Foundry A37 Paint LTA Laminate Lozier Classic Copper N81 Paint

Oyster: A65
Laminate: LXN

Foundry: A37
Laminate: LTA

Classic Copper: N81
Lozier Sand SAN Paint Lozier Tan T76 Paint Lozier Nubian Brown N75 Paint LK3 Laminate
Sand: SAN Tan: T76 Nubian Brown: N75
Laminate: LK3
Lozier Statuary Bronze AA8 Paint    
Statuary Bronze: AA8    

Contemporary Colors

Lozier Hunter Green G35 Paint LK9 Laminate Lozier Royal Blue RBL Paint LK5 Laminate Lozier Yellow YEL Paint LNZ Laminate
Hunter Green: G35
Laminate: LK9
Royal Blue: RBL
Laminate: LK5
Yellow: YEL
Laminate: LNZ
Lozier Primary Red R53 Paint LH2 Laminate Lozier Green G98 Paint Lozier Poppy POP Paint
Primary Red: R53
Laminate: LH2
Green: G98 Poppy: POP

Industrious Paint Colors

Lozier Black Wrinkle QK5 Paint Lozier Black Rust QJ6 Paint Lozier Clear Coat QG8 Paint
Black Wrinkle: QK5 Black Rust: QJ6 Clear Coat: QG8
Lozier Silver Vein Q88 Paint Lozier Copper Vein QL6 Paint Lozier Sparkle Silver QH3 Paint
Silver Vein: Q88 Copper Vein: QL6

Sparkle Silver: QH3

Pattern Laminates & Melamine

Lozier Oak LA1 MC2 IA1
Lozier White Leather LAW Laminate
Lozier Maple LIM MG1
Laminate: LA1
Melamine: MC2
Hardboard: IA1

White Leather
Laminate: LAW

Standard for Pharmacy Countertops


Laminate: LIM

Melamine: MG1

Lozier Cocobala L92 Lozier Solar Oak L0H Lozier Wild Cherry LLR Laminate MF7 Melamine


Laminate: L92

Solar Oak

Laminate: L0H

Wild Cherry
Laminate: LLR

Melamine: MF7