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Every facility needs a safe place for students, staff, and team members to keep their belongings. In healthcare facilities our Hallowell Med-Safe Antimicrobial Lockers and our Lyon Antimicrobial Healthcare Lockers help protect against the spread of germs for up to 20 years! The Premium Wardrobe Lockers are just the thing for school hallways or employee break rooms. Our Galvanite Lockers resist rust and corrosion and are perfect for humid areas and food service facilities. For pool and rehab areas our Aquamax Lockers can't be beat! Speaking of "can't be beat" check out our team lockers at the bottom of the page!


Market sectors served by include educational, healthcare, and government facilities. We offer all types of lockers to fit your needs. If you don't see what you are looking for just give us a call.

MedSafe Antimicrobial Lockers

These antimicrobial lockers are perfect for hospitals, pharmacies, clinics, restaurants, or anywhere you want to reduce the spread of bacteria.
MedSafe Antimicrobial Lockers by Hallowell

Aquamax Plastic Lockers

MedSafe Aquamax Antimicrobial HDPE Plastic Lockers
HDPE Plastic lockers are treated with an antimicrobial agent that permanently resists that growth of bacteria, mold, yeast, and mildew.
Aquamax Plastic Lockers by Hallowell

Antimicrobial Lockers

Antimicrobial steel lockers provide continuous, residual protection against the touch transfer of bacteria on the locker surfaces.

Ready-Built Lockers

Our premium all purpose wardrobe lockers shipped to you fully assembled and ready to use! 
Ready-Built Lockers by Hallowell

Ready-Built II Lockers

Our premium all purpose wardrobe lockers shipped to you fully assembled and ready to use! Upgraded to include sloped tops and closed bases.
  Ready-Built II Lockers by Hallowell

ValueMax Lockers

Exceptional value, quality and finish. Performance and reliability at an affordable price.

ValueMax Lockers by Hallowell

Maintenance Free Lockers

Modern flush door design with safety-minded recessed handle and reinforced door make our Maintenance-Free Quiet KD stock lockers the smart choice.
Maintenance Free Lockers by Hallowell

Premium Wardrobe Lockers

Our premium all purpose wardrobe lockers shipped to you unassembled or you have the option to have them arrive fully assembled and ready to use!
Premium Wardrobe Lockers by Hallowell

Galvanite Rust Resistant Lockers

Rust resistant lockers are ideal for use in high humidity areas, outdoor locations, near shower or pool areas as well as food facilities.
Galvanite Rust Resistant Lockers by Hallowell

Premium Box Lockers

Our stock box lockers are the perfect size for storing personal items.
Premium Box Lockers by Hallowell

4 & 16 Person Lockers

The Hallowell sixteen person and four person lockers are the economical solution for personal security. The 16 person locker features hanging space for full length garments.
4 & 16 Person Lockers by Hallowell

Safety-View Lockers

Safety-View lockers are used when you need to monitor locker contents. Chose from full size, double tier, or box lockers.
Safety-View Lockers by Hallowell

Wood / Metal Hybrid Lockers

Give your locker room the prestige of fine wood and the affordability of metal with Hallowell's Wood/Metal Hybrid Lockers.
Wood / Metal Hybrid Lockers by Hallowell

Designer Line Lockers

Contemporary styling with flush front panels and recessed handles with finger lifts provide a fresh new look in two popular colors - now in stock for immediate shipment.
Designer Line Lockers by Lyon

Club Lockers

Furniture Grade Wardrobe Wood Lockers are ideal for Country Clubs, Health Spas, and Fitness Centers.
Club Lockers by Hallowell

Recruiter Lockers

These lockers are high quality fine furniture. Hallowell takes special pride in ensuring that each locker is a work of art.
Recruiter Lockers by Hallowell

Rookie Gear Lockers

Open front knock down gear lockers are perfect for sports equipment, gear, and tool storage.
Rookie Gear Lockers by Hallowell


ProTeam Lockers by Hausmann
Pro-Lockers are both fitted with prong clothes hooks and locking storage cabinets to provide maximum storage and security while athletes are away.
ProTeam Lockers by Hausmann

Task Force XP Lockers

Hallowell's Task Force XP lockers are first responders choice for storing gear. These extreme performance lockers have room to spare!
Command Gear Military Lockers by Lyon

Locker Room Benches


Locker Benches and Pedestals by Hallowell

Maple bench tops with your choice of five pedestal options!
Locker Benches and Pedestals by Hallowell

Command Gear Lockers

Heavy duty military gear steel locker with open face and two lockable storage compartments.
Command Gear Military Lockers by Lyon