Linen & Waste Management

When you think about the proper handling of soiled linen and bagged waste the first thing that comes to mind is hospitals and nursing homes. Let’s think of the other facilities that handle dirty linens – how about gyms, rehab clinics, school locker rooms, public pools, restaurants, surgery centers, and massage therapy centers. One thing that all these diverse businesses have in common is soiled linen. Lots and lots of soiled linen that must be transported through the facility to the laundry.


Our linen hampers come is single and double units in sizes ranging from short to tall. Reusable hamper bags come in washable nylon, antimicrobial, and deluxe leakproof models. Our stamped disposable bags include biohazard waste, infectious linen, or soiled linen. We also have plain old clear bags for everything else.


Transporting is a breeze in one of our basket trucks, tilt trucks, turnabout carts, or wire linen carts.


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Dandux Hospital Truck

Dandux Plated Hospital Trucks utilize a heavy-duty fabric liner laced to the frame. The liner has a double row of rust resistant grommets in a reinforced hem and is easily unlaced for cleaning or sanitizing.

Dandux Plated Hospital Trucks

Extra Duty Trucks

Dandux Extra Duty Trucks are used in laundries, dry cleaners, motels, textile mills, garment plants, healthcare facilities, mail rooms, locker rooms, libraries, commercial and government buildings, construction sites and recyclers.

CORE DX Deluxe White Polyethylene Medical Cart by TrippNT

Dandux Tilt Trucks

Dandux Industrial Strength Tilt Trucks are perfect for linen or trash collection! Large capacity body is slanted for easy dumping. Many colors and capacities to chose from.

Dandux Industrial Strength Tilt Trucks

Permanent Liner Basket

Fully sewn permanent liner with an all-welded tubular steel base and frame. Click through for caster, size, and color options.

Permanent Liner Fully Sewn Vinyl Basket Trucks

Antimicrobial Basket Truck

Antimicrobial vinyl liner inhibits the growth of bacteria and fungi. Our zinc plated steel base means no wood to attract contamination. An excellent choice for healthcare applications.

Antimicrobial Vinyl Basket Truck

Vinyl Bumper Bushel Truck

This top rim soft vinyl bumper provides 360 degree protection for walls, doors, and equipment.

Fully Sewn Vinyl Bumper Bushel Truck

Freight Saver Basket Truck

This knocked down version of our vinyl basket truck provides great freight savings when only 1 - 3 baskets are needed.

Freight Saver Basket Truck Ships UPS or FedEx

Antimicrobial KD Basket Truck

This antimicrobial basket truck ships knocked down via UPS or FedEx Ground for big freight savings!

Antimicrobial Basket Truck Ships UPS or FedEx

748PS Turnabout Truck

Converts from a clean linen cart to a soiled linen cart by repositioning the shelves.

748PS Turnabout Truck with Plastic Shelves

Turnabout Truck - Wire Shelves

This heavy duty cart converts from a clean linen cart to a bulk transfer laundry cart by moving the shelf position.


Turnabout Truck with Wire Shelves

Wide Turnabout Truck

Model 760 Wide Turnabout Truck with Wire Shelves

This turnabout truck is a full 60" wide for transporting bigger loads. This truck has 48 cubic feet capacity!

Model 760 Wide Turnabout Truck with Wire Shelves

Poly Bulk Transport Truck

These trucks carry huge loads with ease and will ensure many years of carefree service.
Poly Bulk Transport Truck - Models 837, 848, 884

Wire Linen Carts

This wire linen cart is sure to be a staff favorite. Easy to maneuver and a breeze to clean! Locking casters keep the cart steady during loading and unloading.

Wire Linen Cart and Nylon Cart Cover

Deluxe Leakproof Hampers

Our Deluxe Leakproof Hamper Stands come in Single and Double models, Easy ordering of replacement liners saves you time and money.

Deluxe Leakproof Hamper Stands in Single or Double Models

Medium Duty Hamper Stands

These hampers come in short, medium, or tall stands, in single or double bag widths. Disposable liner bags labeled Biohazard, Infectious, or Soiled. Also come in clear.

Medium Duty Hamper Stands and Poly Liner Bags