Bins & Bin Systems

Optimize your storage space. Control inventories and minimize handling time with our bins and bin systems from Akro-Mils and Quantum Storage Products. We offer bins and bin systems in a variety of sizes and styles to fit every storage need. Choose from stacking and hanging bins, shelf bins, wall mount or countertop styles. Don't see what you need? Give us a call, we are always happy to work with you on custom sizes, colors, and styles.

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Quantum Shelf Bins

Available in 13 sizes, these bins are FDA approved polyethylene / polypropylene. They feature a slotted label holder and wide hopper fronts for easy access .

12" & 18" Bin System

Separate and sort parts or products to increase efficiency, shorten assembly times, and maintain accurate inventories. A cost efficient alternative to flimsy, individual cardboard boxes.


Available in 12 sizes, these AkroBins sit, stack, or hang from louvered panels. Bins feature a large label holder for easy product identification.

Ultra Stacking & Hanging Bins

Organize your inventory with strong injection molded plastic bins. These bins feature front, back and side grips for easy handling. Available in 16 sizes.

High Alert Bins

High Alert Bins, High Alert Insulin Bins, Insulin Bins
Reduce the chance of dispensing errors with our High Alert Bin. Highly visible warning labels encourage employees to double check the contents before dispensing.

Akro Shelf Bins

The superior construction of these Akro Shelf Bins allows them to be fully loaded without bulging or cracking. Available in 13 sizes and a variety of colors.

Vantage Rx Bin

Holds filled prescriptions or photo processing bags. "V" shaped notches on the bottom of the bin hold bags in place. Bins measure 16 3/4" X 7 1/8" X 5 3/8" and come in Yellow or White.

Patient Drawers

Patient Drawers double as the perfect hospital storage cabinet! We offer a vast selection of dividable drawers available in four sizes that are ideal for storing patient supplies and medication.

Dividable Grid Containers

These divider boxes are the perfect solution for vial transfer between locations. Intersecting dividers allow the container to be subdivided in separate compartments as small as 1-1/8" sq.

Shelf Max Bins

The ShelfMax offers a .75" higher shelf opening compared to corrugated bins. They are available in four sizes and five colors.
Akro-Mils Shelf Max Bins

Earth Saver Shelf Max Bins

Feeling the need to "Go Green"? Akro-Mils introduces the EarthSaver Series - Shelf Bins made from 100% recycled plastic.
Akro-Mils Earth Saver Series - Shelf Bins

InSight Clear Bins

A Visible Difference in Storage and Organization! Available in four sizes, InSight Ultra-Clear Bins provide easy and maximum visibility to users in a sleek, modern design.
InSight Clear Bins

Akro A.L.C.

These Akro A.L.C.'s are great for inter-store transfers and storage of bulk items. Stackable to save storage space. Nest for compact storage when not in use.

Quantum Hulk Bins

Hulk bins are available in sixteen sizes and three colors! These bins come in 24" and 30" depths. Optional dividers maximize flexibility and keep containers organized.

Polypropylene Shelf Bins

Designed to fit on 18" deep storage shelving. Bins come with one black cross divider and have a large front label area. Stack same width bins to make a storage center!

Quantum Louvered Panels

These wall mounted panels securely  hold Ultra Stacking and Hanging Bins. You can group panels for custom configurations.

TiltView Bins

The TiltView is a space-saving bin system that improves organization and efficiency. It is ideal for small and medium-sized parts and components.

33" Wide AkroBin

Designed to fit on 18" deep storage shelving. Bins come with one black cross divider and have a large front label area. Stack same width bins to make a storage center!

ReadySpace Bin Racks

Designed for hospitals, labs and medical offices, ReadySpace is a high quality, steel louvered rack and panel system that inter works with our colorful selection of AkroBins®.

Bench Racks

Bench Racks are ideal for work stations. They allow you to increase storage capacity and organize work areas. Louvers securely support AkroBins®. Attractive gray powder coat finish stands up to heavy-duty service.

Akro-Mils Louvered Panels

An infinite number of panels can be mounted in any configuration, attached to shelving, mounted on benches or inside cabinets, fastened to slotted-angle components, or used in service truck interiors.