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We are a division of Surplus Equipment Company, a leading distributor of Lozier Store and Pharmacy Fixtures, Monaco Hang Bags, PROTEAM by Hausmann Athletic Training Equipment, Waterloo Healthcare Carts, and Sandusky & Lakeside Cabinets. We created RxShelving.com to provide an easy to use one stop shop for all your healthcare related equipment needs. Most of our customers enjoy the "self-serve" nature of the web site, however, if you prefer a personal contact just give us a call.

We are always happy to help with layout and design! Just provide us with a rough sketch of your location including room dimensions and locations of doors and windows as well as any obstructions (columns, etc.). We will create a suggested layout drawn to scale and send it back with a quote. You can fax your sketch to 314-534-0583 or email them to patti@rxshelving.com.

Tips on using the site: If you would like to request a quote, simply add the items you would like quoted to your shopping cart. You will be given the option to request a quote during the checkout process. To get started, you may click a link on the left or a category below.

Featured Items

Flex Rx Shelving, Lozier Pharmacy Shelving, Bottle Bays

Flex Rx

View Flex Rx Shelving, Lozier Pharmacy Shelving, Bottle Bays
Classic Rx Shelving, Lozier Pharmacy Shelving, Bottle Bays

Classic Rx

View Bays
Lozier Island Shelving, Gondola Shelving

Island Sections

View Lozier Island Shelving, Gondola Shelving
Quantum Shelf Bins

Quantum Shelf Bins

View Quantum Shelf Bins
Wire Fencing

Wire Fencing

View Wire Fencing
MEDTRX Patient Cassette Cart Systems

Medtrx Cart

View MEDTRX Patient Cassette Cart Systems
Pegboard Wall Sections

Wall Sections

View Pegboard Wall Sections
Free Standing Cabinet with Sink

Free Standing Cabinet

View Free Standing Cabinet with Sink
Portable Treatment Table

Portable Treatment Table

View Portable Treatment Table


Store Fixtures

Lozier Store Fixtures, Island Shelving, Wall Shelving, Gondolas, Retail Display Fixtures
Lozier Shelves are offered in two position (TL) and multi-position (DL) styles. Shelves have double rows of perforations on 1" centers at the front and rear edges to accommodate vertical dividers, binning, and product retainers.
Lozier Store Fixtures

Pharmacy Shelving

Lozier Pharmacy Shelving, Classic Rx Shelving, Flex Rx Shelving, Will Call Baskets, Monaco Hang Bags
The Lozier Classic Rx Pharmacy Shelving features units that install as wall or island sections. The new Flex Rx Pharmacy System features open backs, shelves that adjust on 1" centers and down slant 17° for easy access to product on higher shelves.

Pharmacy Cabinets

Lozier Undercounter Cabinets, Narcotics Cabinet, Bottle Dispenser, Vial Drawers, Pharmacy Cabinets
The Lozier Undercounter System offers a wide variety of units that can be adapted to fit your individual needs. Choose from narcotics cabinets, bottle dispenser units, open and closed storage cabinet, and more!

Shelves & Accessories

Lozier Shelves, Lozier Accessories, Wire Fencing, Wire Dividers, Continuous Baskets, Endless Wire Baskets
Lozier Shelves are offered in two position (TL) and multi-position (DL) styles. Shelves have double rows of perforations on 1" centers at the front and rear edges to accommodate vertical dividers, binning, and product retainers.

Component Parts

Lozier Store Fixtures, Component Parts, Base Brackets, Upright Posts, Back Rails
We carry a complete line of Lozier component parts for standard store fixtures. Order back rails, uprights posts, upright extensions, end trims, base brackets, decks, and covers.


Quantum Storage, Akro-Mils, Bins, Bin Boxes, Shelf Bins, Plastic Bins
We are pleased to represent Akro Mils and Quantum Storage products. We offer a wide selection of dividable bins & drawers that are ideal for storing patient supplies, medication, and small parts.

Healthcare Carts

Waterloo Healthcare carts


We offer a complete line of mobile transport solutions for the hospital, healthcare and education markets from Waterloo Healthcare, Lakeside, and Harloff. Click through to see all our medical and healthcare carts.










Floor Mats

Anti-Fatigue Mats, Floor Mats, Matting, Comfort Mats
All commercial settings need floor mats. Pharmacies, Mail Rooms, Service Counters, Banks, and retail stores all use floor mats for employee comfort. Anti-Fatigue mats reduce worker fatigue, body aches and pains, and lower absenteeism rates.

Narcotics Cabinets

Narcotics Cabinets, Drug Storage, Narcotics Lockers

We offer a complete line of narcotics cabinets, secure storage, and medical storage cabinets.

Taping & Treatment Tables

Hausmann PROTEAM Split Leg Table

Our modular taping stations fit any space and can be easily changed or relocated as your needs change. Our treatment tables come in a variety of styles to fit any decor and budget.


Taping & Treatment Tables

Platforms & Tilt Tables

Therapy Mats, Mat Platforms, Tilt Tables, Stand-In Tables

Mats, mat platforms, tilt tables, and stand in tables along with wedges and pillows are a must for physical therapy treatment facilities and rehab centers


Therapy Mats, Mat Platforms, Tilt Tables, Stand-In Tables

Therapy - Rehab - Conditioning

Therapy, Rehabilitation, Conditioning Equipment

We specialize in rehabilitation, sports therapy, and occupational therapy equipment and supplies for schools, long term care facilities and rehab centers. We offer staircases, ambulation, exercise, and balance training equipment and supplies.



Backroom Shelving

Lozier Backroom Shelving - S-Series Shelving particle board shelves with metal edges

The Lozier S-Series shelving offers economy without sacrificing strength. Particle board shelves are reinforced with steel channels front and back. Once piece all steel uprights are pre-assembled for ease of installation.

Widespan Shelving

Lozier Wide Span Shelving, Widespan Shelving

Wide Span shelving is the solution for back stock and bulk stores! Widespan shelving bridges the gap between conventional shelving and pallet rack.


Med-Safe Lockers


Every facility need a place for students, staff, and team members to keep their belongings. Lockers are the perfect solution! We have lockers for every need.

Store Safety Products

Safety Mirrors, Sanitation Stations, Crowd Control Stanchions

All commercial settings will benefit from traffic control belts and safety mirrors.

Chairs & Stools

Lab Chairs - Medical Stools - Lab Stools

Work happy! Comfortable seating is essential for healthy, productive employees. Chairs and stools for all environments from hospital to office are just a click away!

Wire Shelving

Wire Shelving

Get organized, improve production, or display your inventory with style! Start with our super strong wire shelving units, add bins or accessories to create the perfect storage and display system.